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Benton Fire Marshall visits the club

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Benton fire marshall Brruce Armstrong came to speak at the July 23rd meeting of tbe Benton Lions club. His topic was ISO (insurance services offices) public protection classification ratings for Benton through some past years. The ppc scale is from 1 -10 1 being the best. In 1965 Benton fire department had a rating of 7 moving up from the rating of 8 in previous years. In 1969 we received a rating of 6 because we had added two more fire stations to give us a total of 3. In 1982 the fire department hired more men and had three stations and added another shift for a total of three shifts. Our Rating remained at 6. In 1990 we added another fire station to 4 stations we were rated a 5 at that time. In 2005 we were rated to class 3. In 2012 we received a split rating class 3 for the city and a 9 rating for part of benton located on I 30 at the 114 exit. Now we are currently rated the same as 2012. Bruce gave us some very good information.

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